NCMUG Volunteering

NCMUG is made up from a group of dedicated Mac users who volunteer their talents and time.  Join us and volunteer.  We have the need if you have the time. If you would like to find out more about volunteering your time and/or talents, please contact our volunteer coordinator at:

Current volunters needed for:

   Disk Librarian   

  • Maintain the club disk library. The 18 years worth of Disks of the Month, Special Disks, and Font Disks occupy about 5 plastic disk storage boxes, although all are on one CD, and disks can be made from either source. I can provide a laptop computer with which to copy disks, together with a Zip drive and the disk collection on Zip disks.
  • Maintain the club Shareware CDs. These occupy one plastic 5.25 inch disk storage box.
  • Maintain the catalogs of disks and CDs.
  • Make the disks and CDs available for sale at general meetings. Interest is currently low since I haven’t made an OSX shareware CD, and it may be appropriate to provide disks or CDs only by prior arrangement.
  • Prepare a monthly article for the NCMUG newsletter on shareware programs you think will be of general interest. I get most of my ideas from reviews in MacWorld, MacAddict, MacHome, About this Particular Mac, TidBITS, and CNET Downloads.

    Time commitment: about 4 hours/month including attending the general meeting.

   Classic SIG Leader   

  • Prepare a topic for monthly meetings.
  • Arrange for a meeting site. Currently the SIG meets at La Tercera School in Petaluma on the first Saturday. That meeting facility should continue to be available. The school sponsor is Barbara Clark (Tully@iscweb.com).
  • Verify that Barbara will be available to open the classroom and the multi-purpose room (where our computer and projector are stored).
  • Set up, conduct the monthly meeting, and return the classroom to its normal condition.
  • Submit info to the SIG coordinator and newsletter editor monthly.

    Time commitment: about 6 hours/month including the Classic SIG meeting.

   Outreach Coordinator   

Provide support to local schools and non-profit organizations. Currently we are working with:

  • COTS (the Committee on the Shelterless) Petaluma and Rohnert Park.
  • The Petaluma Adult School
  • La Tercera Elementary School in Petaluma.
  • Wilson Elementary School in Petaluma.
  • Tomales Elementary School in Tomales.
  • Flowery Elementary School in Sonoma.
  • Sunburst Projects in Rohnert Park.
  • Eden Housing - Washington Creek Apts. In Petaluma.

Duties include:

  • Receive and acknowledge donations of equipment and software.
  • Check out/repair equipment for donation to schools and non-profits.
  • Provide donated equipment to schools and non-profits. Assist them with their Macintosh computers.
  • Provide a monthly report of activities and donations to the NCMUG board and the newsletter editor.

Time commitment: Varies considerably from about 2 hours/month to 40 hours. Unless you undertake a large project, the duties should average about 8 hours per month.

Volunteer of the Quarter: Tom Brown

Tom Brown volunteer
Helper and Heckler

Tom Brown has been an NCMUG member and volunteer for many years. He is a regular volunteer at MCE and MacWorld, and most recently, volunteered to be the librarian for the club lending library. He has assisted the Disk Librarian in that duty for the past few years, and fills in for that position from time to time at the general meetings.
Tom has also been known to sit in the front row at meetings and heckle the club president!
But Tom is often the first one to arrive for club meetings and often, with the help of some other early arrivals, has the chairs and tables set up for us. So we are honoring Tom as Volunteer of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2004. Congratulations Tom!