NCMUG Tutorials

  • Using and Managing Fonts in Mac OS X a technology guide to using and managing OS X fonts for creative professionals and anyone managing multiple fonts.  Link is to Apple site and is a downloadable PDF file.
  • Fonts in Mac OS X - a Apple interactive tutorial
  • Printing in Mac OS X - a Apple interactive tutorial
  • Moving to Mac OS X - a Apple interactive tutorial
  • Mac OS X Basics - a Apple interactive tutorial

  • Working with Unix Permissions - a two part series from O'Reilly for basic understanding of file permissions.
       Part One
       Part Two

  • Printing Digital Images - part of the Kodak Digital Learning Center
       Part One - Image Resolution
       Part Two - Picture Displays and Computer Monitors
       Part Three - Using Software to Adjust the Image
       Part Four - Selecting the Right Paper
       Part Five - Printer Settings
       Part Six - Evaluating the Print

  • GarageBand - Apple Tutorials (PDF's)
       At a Glance - Introduction to GarageBand windows and controls
       Lesson 1 - Building a basic arrangement
       Lesson 2 - Working with real instruments
       Lesson 3 - Working with software instruments


This section is building.  Any members who want to contribute can write a tutorial about most any feature of OS X or applications and submit them to   Credit will be given to the author.