NCMUG Mail List

NCMUG maintains a mail list server or listserv as a benefit to membership.  Members share information, request and respond to other members questions via sending a email message to the listserv.  All messages are routed to other members signed up for the listserv automatically. Any current club member may sign up for the NCMUG listserv. There are 3 mail list on the listserv: memberlist, announce and off-topic.

This is the original and most active mail list.  Computer and Macintosh related messages belong here as well as pleas for help.

This mail list contains postings of announcements of the club's regular meetings, SIG meetings, special activities (like the O'Reilly Field Trip), MCE, members-only free seminars, MUG discounts and the like. As this list is for official club-related announcements only, it will be a read-only list - only the list's moderator will have permission to post announcements.

If you have an announcement you would like to make to the club, send an e-mail to the Announce list moderator at:

This mail list is for members to post any and all messages which are inappropriate for the regular Memberlist. Off-Topic is pretty much an open and free forum. All viewpoints will be tolerated with the only restrictions being you may not engage in name-calling, slander or illegal activities. If you do, you will be summarily tossed from the list. There will be no second warning. Be polite, be courteous, be respectful. This is your list.


To subscribe to the listserv, send an email message to appropriate listserv. In the subject line type: subscribe Don't forget to include the name that your NCMUG membership is under in the body of the message! Once your membership is verified, you will begin receiving the messages in your email programs inbox.


To unsubscribe to the listserv, send an email message to the appropriate listserv.  In the subject line type: unsubscribe

Digest Mode

Digest mode delivers all post to the listserv for the day in one message instead of sending each message posted as individual messages. To receive the memberlist postings in digest mode, send a email message to the appropriate listserv. In the subject line type: subscribe digest

To turn off digest mode, follow the instructions for subscribe above.


To receive detailed instructions directly from the listserv, send a message to the appropriate listserv   In the subject line type: help

For assistance, we can complete the email message for you with the following form, if your email client has been properly configured.  Just select a mail list and what listserv action you want to send to the list.

Mail list




The following are some guidelines to help you, the NCMUG member, to better understand how our member list server works.

  • When replying to a message you received from the member list please be sure to sign your name at the bottom of your email so we know who we are "talking" too
  • Double check to make sure you are not posting a message that is actually a hoax email. Our webmaster had information on email hoaxes posted on the club's website. Please refer to our hoaxes page
  • Keep the MUG store discount message handy. It often lasts for 2-3 months.
  • Please be patient when asking to be removed from the list or to have your email address changed. A volunteer updates the NCMUG database; he does it as soon as he can.
  • Please do not send messages with HTML or attachments.
  • Please use two or more word subject titles. Single word subjects will not be processed.
  • Be polite - Treat others on the list the way you wish to be treated, with courtesy and respect.
  • Be patient - Not everyone has as much time as you to answer and/or respond to email.
  • Be understanding - Not everybody knows as much as you do and may need some explanations for your points or questions.
  • Be forgiving - Others may be just getting the hang of hardware and/or software and may make mistakes.