NCMUG Book Library

The NCMUG Book Library is available for every member to check out.  If you wish to check out a selection please contact the User Group Librarian at

Books published in 2000 or more recently will be available for checkout at the General Meeting and Petaluma SIG meeting. Other books will be made available at those meetings by prior arrangement with the librarian. Because of demand, the loan period for newer books is one month.

Title Author(s) Edition Year Publisher Category
Adobe Gallery Effects 1.5.1First1995AdobeGraphics
Adobe Illustrator 7.0First1997AdobeGraphics
After Effects 5.0Adobe Corp.First2002AdobeGraphics
AOL For DummiesJohn KalfeldFourth1998IDG BooksInternet
Apple II GuideFirst1990Apple ComputerReference
Apple: The Inside StoryJames CarltonFirst1998OtherGeneral
Appleworks 5 for Windows and MacintoshAnn C. BrownFirst1998Peachpit PressBusiness
AppleWorks 6: The Missing ManualJim Elferdink & David ReynoldsFirst2000O'ReillyBusiness
Audio on the WebJeff Patterson & Ryan MelcherFirst1998Peachpit PressInternet
Clarisworks - User's GuideSecond1994Claris Corp.Business
ClarisWorks 3.0 CompanionSteven A. SchwartzThird1995IDG BooksBusiness
ClarisWorks 5.0 Users ManualSandee CohenFirst1997Peachpit PressBusiness
ClarisWorks 5.0, Users ManualFirst1997Claris Corp.Business
Complete Mac HandbookJim HeidThird1994Peachpit PressGeneral
Cool Mac AnimationSeanq WagstaffSecond1994Hayden BooksGraphics
Creating Cool PhotoShop 4 Web GraphicsDavid BuschFirst1997OtherGraphics
Crossing Platforms: A Macintosh/Windows PhrasebookAdam Engst & David PogueFirst1999IDG BooksGeneral
Digital Photography-Pocket GuideDerrick StoryFirst2002O'ReillyGraphics
Digital Video Pocket GuideDerrick StoryFirst2003O'ReillyGraphics
Director 5 DemystifiedJason RobertsFirst1996Peachpit PressGraphics
Director 7 DemystifiedJason RobertsFirst1999Peachpit PressGraphics
Director 7 for Mac/WindowsAndre PersidskyFirst1996Peachpit PressGraphics
DreamweaverDavid McFarlandFirst2002O'ReillyInternet
Dreamweaver 2 H.O.T.Lynda WeinmanFirst1999Peachpit PressInternet
Dreamweaver 3 for Mac/WindowsJ. Tarin TowersFirst2000Peachpit PressInternet
Dreamweaver 4: The Missing ManualDave McFarlandFirst2001O'ReillyInternet
Elements of Web DesignDarcy DiNucci, et alSecond1998AdobeInternet
Filemaker Pro - User's GuideFirst1995Claris Corp.Business
Filemaker Pro User's GuideDavid Bolocan, et alSecond1983OtherBusiness
Fireworks 2 for Mac/WindowsSandee CohenFirst1999Peachpit PressGraphics
Fireworks for Mac/WindowsSandee CohenFirst1998Peachpit PressGraphics
First Look at Macintosh and System 7Bret EllisFirst1992OtherClassic
Flash 3! Creative Web AnimationDarryl PlantFirst1998Macromedia PressGraphics
Flash 4 for Mac/WindowsKatherine UlrichFirst1999Peachpit PressGraphics
Genealogy, A Researchers GuideVal GreenwoodFirst1973OtherGenealogy
Google HacksTara Calishain & Rael DornfestFirst2003O'ReillyInternet
Google- Pocket GuideCalishain, Dornfest & AdamsFirst2003O'ReillyInternet
Guide to Macintosh System 7.5Don CrabbFirst1994Ziff DavisClassic
Hip Pocket Guide to HTML4Ed Tittle & Stewart et alFirst1998OtherGraphics
Hip Pocket Guide to HTML4Ed Tittle & Stewart et alSecond1995IDG BooksGraphics
HyperTalk 2.2Dan Winkler, et alSecond1994OtherClassic
Illustrator 7 for MacSandee CohenFirst1997Peachpit PressGraphics
Illustrator 7 for Mac/WinWeinmann & LourekasFirst1997Peachpit PressGraphics
Illustrator 7 Wow BookSharon SteuerFirst1996Peachpit PressGraphics
Illustrator 8 in 24 HoursFirst1999SAMSGraphics
Illustrator 8 Wow! BookSharon SteuerFirst1999O'ReillyGraphics
iMovie 2: The Missing ManualDavid PogueFirst2001O'ReillyGraphics
InDesign 1.0/1.5Sandee CohenFirst2000Peachpit PressGraphics
InDesign 1.5First2000AdobeGraphics
Insanely GreatSteven LevySecond1995OtherGeneral
Internet Starter Kit for MacintoshDanny GoodmanFourth1996Hayden BooksClassic
iPhoto2: The Missing ManualPogue, Schorr & StoryFirst2003O'ReillyGraphics
iPhoto: The Missing ManualDavid PogueFirst2002O'ReillyGraphics
iPod: The Missing Manual J.D. BiersdorferFirst2003O'ReillyHardware
Keeping Your Computer Healthy and Happy (VHS /Tape)Wayne TillFirst2001OtherHardware
Keynote For Mac OSXTom NegrinoFirst2003Peachpit PressBusiness
Learning Unix for Mac OS XDave Taylor & Brian JepsonSecond2003O'ReillyOS X
Learning Unix for Mac OS XDave Taylor & Jerry PeekFirst2002O'ReillyOS X
Mac OS 8Maria LangerFirst1997Peachpit PressClassic
Mac OS 8 for DummiesBob LevitusFirst1997IDG BooksClassic
Mac OS 9 - The Missing ManualDavid PogueFirst2000O'ReillyClassic
Mac OS X - Pocket ReferenceChuck ToporekSecond2002O'ReillyOS X
Mac OS X - Pocket ReferenceChuck ToporekFirst2002O'ReillyOS X
Mac OS X HacksRael Dornfest & Kevin HemenwayFirst2003O'ReillyOS X
Mac OS X in a NutshellMcIntosh, Toporek & StoneFirst2003O'ReillyOS X
Mac OS X: The Missing ManualDavid PogueFirst2001O'ReillyOS X
Mac OS-8 Visual QuickstartMaria LangerFirst1997Peachpit PressClassic
Mac OS-8.5 for DummiesGlossbrennerFirst1999IDG BooksClassic
Mac Programming for DummiesDan SydowThird1999IDG BooksProgramming
Macintosh Bible Guide to Filemaker ProCharles RubinFirst1991OtherBusiness
Macintosh Troubleshooting - Pocket GuideDavid Lerner & Aaron Freimark Tekserve Corp.First2003O'ReillyGeneral
Macs for DummiesDavid PogueFifth1997IDG BooksGeneral
Macs for DummiesBob LevitusSixth1998IDG BooksGeneral
Macs for DummiesDavid PogueFirst1992IDG BooksGeneral
Macs For DummiesDavid PogueSecond1993IDG BooksGeneral
Macworld Photoshop 4- Instant ExpertDavid D. Busch & David FieldFirst1997IDG BooksGraphics
Macworld Photoshop 4- Instant ExpertDavid D. Busch & David FieldFirst1997IDG BooksGraphics
MS Office 2001: the Missing ManualChuck ToporekFirst2001O'ReillyBusiness
My iMacGore, Baird, BreenFirst1999IDG BooksHardware
Office X for Macintosh: The Missing ManualDavid PogueFirst2002O'ReillyBusiness
On the Firing LineGil Amelio, et alFirst1998OtherGeneral
Online StudentRobin WilliamsFirst1996OtherOS X
Over 100 Ways to Make MoneyWilliam FlippoFirst1993OtherBusiness
Pagemaker (Aldus)-Version 5.0First1993AdobeGraphics
PageMaker 4Robin WilliamsFirst1991Peachpit PressGraphics
PageMaker 5 CompanionRobin WilliamsFirst1994Peachpit PressGraphics
PageMaker 5 User ManualFirst1993AdobeGraphics
Palm Pilot: The Ultimate GuideDavid PogueSecond1999O'ReillyHardware
Photoshop 3.0: Knock Their Socks Off!Peter FinkFirst1994Ziff DavisGraphics
Photoshop 4 - For Macintosh and WindowsAdam Engst & David PogueFirst1996OtherGraphics
Photoshop 5.0 Users ManualFirst1998AdobeGraphics
Photoshop 5.5 Classroom in a BookFirst1999AdobeGraphics
Premiere 5.1 for Mac/WindowsAnthony BolanteFirst1999Peachpit PressGraphics
Print Publishing GuideFirst1995AdobeBusiness
Quicken -Version 6 for MacintoshFirst1996OtherBusiness
Quicken 98First1997OtherBusiness
Real World Freehand 8Olav MartinFirst1998Peachpit PressGraphics
Retrospect 3 Users GuideFirst1996OtherUtilities
Reunion 4 Users GuideSecond1995OtherOS X
Sad Macs, Bombs, and other DisastersTed LandauThird1997Peachpit PressClassic
Start With A Digital CameraJohn OdamSecond2003Peachpit PressGraphics
Steve Jobs, The Journey is the RewardJeffrey YoungFirst1988OtherGeneral
System 7 Basics, Macintosh and YouPatricia SullivanFirst1993OtherClassic
TechTool Pro 2 Users ManualFirst1998OtherUtilities
The Apple ConnectionJames CoffronFirst1982SybexGeneral
The Complete HyperCard 2.0 HandbookDanny GoodmanThird1992OtherClassic
The Complete Idiots Guide to iMacBrad MiserFirst2000QUEHardware
The Electronic Publishing GuideFirst1998AdobeBusiness
The iBook for DummiesDavid PogueFirst2000IDG BooksHardware
The iMac for DummiesDavid PogueSecond2000IDG BooksHardware
The Internet for Busy PeopleCalishain, Dornfest & AdamsFirst1996OtherInternet
The Little iBook BookJohn Tollet & Robin WilliamsFirst2000Peachpit PressHardware
The Little iMac BookRobin WilliamsFirst1999O'ReillyHardware
The Little Mac BookRobin WilliamsFourth1995Peachpit PressGeneral
The Little Mac BookRobin WilliamsFifth1998Peachpit PressGeneral
The Little Mac BookRobin WilliamsSixth1999Peachpit PressGeneral
The Little Mac OSX BookEd Tittle & Stewart et alFirst2002Peachpit PressOS X
The Little Online BookGlossbrennerFirst1995Peachpit PressInternet
The Little Quickeys BookSteve Roth, et alFirst1992Peachpit PressUtilities
The Little Web Cam BookFirst1999Peachpit PressInternet
The Mac Is Not a TypewriterRobin WilliamsFirst1990Peachpit PressGeneral
The Mac OS 8 BookCraig Danuloff & Mark R. BellFirst1997OtherClassic
The Mac Users PCElain MarmelFirst1993OtherGeneral
The Macintosh BibleArthur Naiman, et alFourth1992Peachpit PressGeneral
The Macintosh BibleCastro Dinucci, et alFifth1994Peachpit PressGeneral
The Macintosh Bible Guide to System 7Charles RubinFirst1991OtherClassic
The New AlchemistsDirk HansonFirst1982OtherClassic
The Non-Designer's Design BookRobin WilliamsFirst1994Peachpit PressGraphics
The Web Design 'Wow' BookJack Davis, et alFirst1998Peachpit PressInternet
Understanding Desktop ColorMichael KieranSecond1994Peachpit PressGraphics
Using Mac OS 8.5Brad MiserFirst1998QUEClassic
Using PageMaker 5Rick Wallace1993QUEGraphics
Web Publishing with HTML 4 in a WeekLaura LemayFourth1997SAMSInternet
Web Publishing with HTML4Laura LemayFourth1997SAMSInternet
Windows for Mac UsersCynthia Baron & Robin WilliamsFirst1999Peachpit PressGeneral
WordPerfect - v.3.5.1First1996OtherBusiness
WordPerfect for Apple II ComputersMary EischFirst1990OtherBusiness