June 16th General Meeting: Self Publishing your Photos

“Do people still scan photos anymore, I thought we were in the digital age?”. Scanning your old photos is as easy as 1-2-3!

Got digital photos on your iPad, iPhone or camera and want to do use them creatively? Speakers for June 16th will be Lorel Kapke describing self-publishing of family photos, cards and books and Francesca, a Walgreen representative,…

May 19th General Meeting: Productivity Apps for Control Freaks: PDFpen and TextExpander

Smile presents Productivity Apps for Control Freaks: PDFpen and TextExpander

PDFpen is your all-purpose PDF editor on Mac and iOS. TextExpander saves you time typing with a customizable library of keyboard shortcuts on Mac and iOS. See what these apps are all about, and what’s new in the latest versions.

Maia Olson has worked with Smile for 6 years dem…

April 21st General Meeting: The Digital Revolution… and What It Means to Me

The Photography SIG and Genealogy SIG are two of the ”creative” SIGs at NCMUG. The development of digital technology, wide adoption of personal computers, and the availability of Internet networking have enabled members to pursue their interests and passions as never before.

Grace Cheung-Schulman, leader of the Photograph SIG, and Wayne Till, leader o…